Paint was right. You were wrong…

A love story.

It’s Sunday afternoon. Your newest furniture catalogue has beautiful pictures to gaze at while you slowly sip your iced tea. You are remembering those new pins you just added to your Pinterest board. “Yes – I think I do like green walls now?” silently pondering. But wait – this room has all white walls and I really like that too. Hmmm – I’ll sip my tea and consider what I should paint my master bedroom. So many options.

Then you decide to get brave and you go to the paint store. You have seen the pictures that inspire you. You know in your gut that bright colored walls are what you need and you are seeing it now so it must be right. HGTV just did a whole house with yellow walls so this is it!

At the paint store, you politely ask the clerk their opinion on the color. Regardless of the fact that they have never been to your home or know your personal taste or perhaps are more concerned that break time is in 10 – they say “Yes, that is a great color. Very popular.” So you buy it. You paint the room. It is done. And…. it doesn’t feel right.

Does this sound familiar at all? Doesn’t have to be yellow, but just sayin…

These stories break my heart. Not in a “immigrant crisis at the border” way but it does make me sad. Paint is typically the cheapest option you can do to a room, but it does not make it the easiest. There are factors to take into consideration. A trained Designer knows to look for the tones and shades of your flooring, baseboards, existing furniture, case goods, and the overall flow of your home.

Let us help you. We live for this stuff.

The end.

Jessica xoxo