Why your Designer at Market is great for you….

What is all this stuff about market? High Point? Good for me? I will explain. And it is good. I promise.

Pour glass of wine here.

High Point market, the”market” we are referring to is the world’s (yes – w.o.r.l.d.)largest furniture market. It is in sweet High Point, North Carolina twice a year. Designers and Industry specialists attend from all over the world to learn, share their lines, products, and educate Design professionals on trends and product knowledge.

This conference, which is not open to the public, spans an entire city with just about everything you can think of for your home.

Why do you care? This means that you have a Designer that cares about continuing education, product knowledge, and staying current with trends and technology.

Market is our super bowl. We get excited and inspired. We are so excited that we make lists of things we could show client A or client B that will be perfect! We get our total design geek on and we can’t wait to share what we have learned.

Another sip?

While we are at market for 4-5 days we take classes, attend seminars, and are versed on the latest and greatest. We also have access to market specials. This means that some our lines offer deals and unique pricing opportunities for attending.

We are able to source and utilize these specials when we know what we need for a client. We have access to literally thousands of showrooms there. We have to organize our time so we can tackle as much as we can. We have to know what we are looking for as well as what to be educated on. See where I am going with this….?

That is why we book client refresh appointments prior to market. Some of our clients expect a call with suggestions after market – they have been with us for awhile. Some clients will email us requests to search for. It is so much fun.

This year we are showing a lil pre-love. We want to be able to share some knowledge and great stuff with new and old clients.

Here is what you do:

* Book a consult. We are offering a discount code DESIGNMARKET. This gets you $50 (FIFTY DOLLARS)of your consultation. Even if we can’t get you in before we leave on April 6th, we can exchange info and photos to help with the hunt.

*Follow us on social media.
We are on Instagram and Facebook. We will posting trends, looks, new products, etc. If you see something you like – let us know!


See – so easy. And isn’t it nice knowing your Design Bestie wants to stay in the know, find deals, got your design back.

We would love to help you – and don’t forget the coupon code! DESIGNMARKET when you book HERE.

We are ending our coupon code when we leave on 4-6-19.