Amazon Finds

I LOVE Amazon. I am addicted to finding fun and unique items for my clients and, must admit, myself.

I check THIS daily for product info but honestly most of my time is spent surfing on my computer.

I also have the opportunity to travel and go to cool places. I am always learning about things to try.

This is a quick glance at some of my go to’s. Not all design related – but these are some of my Fav’s. Thought I would share my tried and true’s with you.

These outdoor/indoor pillows are very nice and are in a lot of our vacation rentals.

I am a big fan of Surya. They are a great company with tons of product and made well. But did you know that a portion of their proceeds goes to philanthropic needs around the world. They quietly give back and that’s pretty cool. I have to admit, this is cheaper than my Designer discount.

Okay – I know this is not design related but seriously the best eye cream. I have to confess that I am a spa junkie. I LOVE going to spas and basically anytime of pampering – where ever I travel to. And I travel alot. This was shared with me at a pretty fancy spa in California. It is a game changer. I literally could tell the difference immediately for my tired eyes. And it is not just a de-puffer its anti-aging. Girlfriend to girlfriend, I have one in my travel bag and one at home at ALL times. And this is wayyyyy cheaper on Amazon.

This collagen powder has no taste and dissolves clear. Why do I love it? I have eczema and this helps me with flair ups. This is huge! And bonus – great for your hair and nails. We are trying this with our daughter who has alopecia. I will let you know.

Rachel Hollis’s book – Girl Wash Your Face – made me love motivational books again. I was in a reading slump and decided to read something different. I LOVED this book. It is a easy read. It made me happy, slow down a little, kiss my hubby more, and hug my kids more. That is good stuff. And Rachel doesn’t know it yet but we will be besties someday.
Lastly, this hardware selection. Your door hardware is jewelry in your home. I know you are seeing alot of mixed metals and brass is the new black and what happened to nickel and blah blah. Well, black is the new black. Meaning, it NEVER goes out of style. No matter what your style, redesign phase, new construction, etc this handle and color is timeless. It is one of our cheats. I have this collection in my home as well as many other client homes. It looks good no matter what your door color or trim and it goes with any finish. Not to mention, a true black matte hardware of quality is hard to find. I love it and I am sharing some secret knowledge today.

That is the skinny for this post. More to come. If you like getting this type of info, let me know. I feel blessed that I am exposed to so many things
– I want to share the love.

Happy Shopping!