Vacation Rental Design Summit Offers New Avenue for Home Accessories Sales

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Anne Flynn Wear//Assistant Managing Editor//March 21, 2023


High Point x Design and the High Point Market Authority have teamed up to present a Vacation Rental Design Summit on April 20-21, just prior to High Point’s spring Market.

Tapping into the expertise of interior designers, hosts, property managers, business strategists and real estate professionals, the summit’s education sessions will hone in on design as a differentiator in short-term rental success, the business of vacation rental design, the value designers bring to the table, and opportunities for designers in this market.

“Building out the content for the summit has led us to so many extremely inspiring people doing incredible work,” said Jane Dagmi, managing director of High Point x Design. “Within our own design world, there are many designers deeply involved in vacation rental design and ownership, and there are a few people coming who have never experienced High Point Market before.”

Panel topics include niching in vacation rental design, creating a sense of place, vacation rental pain points and solutions, photography for rentals, and kitchen and bath design for rentals.

There will also be a panel called “Designing Responsibly” that will help to raise awareness about related issues such as sustainability, safety, inclusivity, and accessibility.

Barclay Butera of Barclay Butera Interiors, who owns two luxury rental properties, will deliver the summit keynote. There will also be individual presentations by  Jaye Anna Mize of Fashion SnoopsJoy Williams of Joyful Designs StudioLeslie Carothers of Savour Partnership, Tobi Fairley of Tobi Fairley Design.

Vacation rentals are just one of several non-traditional methods that brands are using to extend their home décor reach. In Home Accents Today’s February issue, we took a look at other new methods including finding a new setting, third-party selling sites, and becoming mobile.