Expert Interior Design Tips to Help You Get More Vacation Rental Bookings

When it comes to getting people to book your vacation rental properties, first impressions are key. Sure, you should only provide quality service during your guest’s stay there. But if you’re trying to book guests, you have to make sure their first impression of your property is a good one! 

If it doesn’t exude “I’m the space to rent” to your potential renters, then you’re going to lose plenty of potential bookings. 

So you know what that means? 

You should do a very good job when it comes to your vacation rental interior design. But what if you have no idea what to do or how to start?

Not to worry: remember, you’ve just landed on the website of an interior designer! And this article is designed specifically to help you improve your interiors and get more bookings as a result!

Read on for the tips to make your vacation property irresistible to customers.

Trust us, all it takes are a few key tweaks, and your property will look as good as if a professional vacation rental designer was the one who designed it!

Let’s get to the tips, shall we?


The most important thing to consider: who do you want to rent to?

Okay, so this is not necessarily an interior design tip, but this is still important. Why?

Well, how will you design a room when you don’t know who you would want to rent it?

Ask any vacation rental interior designer in Texas, and we promise you they’d say the same thing. 

Think about it: if the core audience you want to appeal to are families with kids, then you wouldn’t put anything breakable in your property. You’d also be sure to put plenty of stuff that families can enjoy, like board games.

Now if you wanted to primarily attract couples, you’d likely put, say, wine, love seats, and other amenities couples would enjoy right?

In short, your design choices will depend on who you want to sell to.

Got it? Good. Now, on to the design tips!


Tip 1: Add personality to your vacation rental.

One thing that will help get people’s attention on a space is if it has a distinct look and personality. If your space looks super generic, people might think it’s not so diferent from typical hotel chains. You don’t want people thinking your property is just a different kind of Best Western or Motel 6, right?

There’s nothing wrong with those motels, but think about it: people who are on vacation want a unique EXPERIENCE. Those motel chains won’t be able to provide that, but your one-of-a-kind space should!

For example, if you’re the type who likes to support local culture and artists, why not collaborate with local artists and put their pieces in your space? That way, as soon as your customers step inside, they’ll really feel that they’re somewhere else!

If you can’t think of what personality to give your space, you can base it on yourself. The important thing is to make your space not boring!


Tip 2: Mind the colors.

The colors of your interiors are important in attracting people to stay in your space. When it comes to color choices, again, it will always go back to your room’s personality AND the people you want to sell to. 

But if you still can’t think of anything for your vacation rental, then here’s a tip: blue is a good base for an eye-pleasing palette. You can ask any vacation rental designer and they will tell you that 42% of people prefer the color blue. From the blue, build on other colors.

Another good tip to easily come up with a color palette that would work is to base it on your specific rental property and its location. For example, if your goal is to design vacation rentals and turn them into seaside shacks, then go for shades of turquoise and blue to reflect the color of the waves. 

On the other hand, if your property is a countryside villa, then a natural tone palette with wood accents would do the job. Just don’t go over-the-top with the trendy earth tones. The world’s least favorite color is brown, after all!


Tip 3: Put something on the wall.

Hanging anything on the wall, such as paintings, mirrors, or decorative shelves, makes a big impact. If minimalism is the direction you’re going for, just remember that a totally blank wall would feel empty. So hang a few interesting pieces to make your space feel warm and welcoming. 


Tip 4: Plan the layout properly.

The layout of your space is also very important. You would want people to feel that they can move around and not bump into stuff while staying there, right? Make sure not to crowd the room with too many decorations, for one thing.

Another thing to consider is that tourists who travel with their loved ones want quality time so you must make sure the staging does not obstruct the intimacy of their conversations. And even if you have a big property and want to maximize the space, it should still be cozy enough for gatherings while maintaining a good flow for foot traffic.


Tip 5: The lighting is the number one mood-setter.

Proper lighting can create a positive ambience and dictate the mood. For example, if you want your vacationers to feel more relaxed and at peace, it will do wonders to have the space well-lit. 

On the other hand, if you want to attract vacationing couples to your space, it might be better to have more moody lighting.


Tip 6: The design makes them book but the bedding makes them stay.

The bedding will always receive the most scrutiny in any rental space. After all, that’s where vacationers will go after a long day of having fun. That means the bedding you get should be as comfortable as possible.

And hey, don’t forget to incorporate bedsheets, pillow cases and blankets into your overall property theme so that they don’t look lost!

One last thing: make sure that your beddings are free of tags and are always clean.


Ready to design your vacation rentals?

We hope this article has given you ideas on what to do to make your already amazing vacation rental space even better. Whether it’s a new property or not, it is important to continue investing in your property to create that one of a kind experience for your renters. 

But if you still have no idea what to do to improve your space, why not call in experts? Why not look for interior designers in Spring, TX to help you out with your interior design needs?

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