Design Hounds share these KITCHEN finds from KBIS 2021

Design Bites 2021 KBIS
We recently "attended" the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) virtually.  You are reading this very first sentence and are already thinking "so why do I care about this?"  Hang on and don't swipe next just yet.  Grab a glass of vino or tequila or whatever your poison is.  It will be worth it and it is a quick read.

A recent survey from shows 3 out of 4 people are doing some type of remodel on their home.  In the billion dollar home remodeling world sales are up 25% across the board.  So at least 3 of the 4 people reading this - need this cool product info.

I was fortunate to be asked to participate as a panelist for KBIS Design bites.  We showcased 8 products that are industry leaders and innovative in their own way.  Then we voted on our favorite.  Are you going to be remodeling or building a new kitchen?  This post is for you.

The Meile dishwasher is three racks of awesome.  pThe  G5000 Dishwasher by Miele available in June.p  - three.  You know that top rack, if you have one now, that is reserved for silverware?  Meile has created it so you can really load all three while still maintaining a spectacular clean, extremely quiet, with eco-friendly water use, and under an hour.  And did I mention that it has a smudge proof stainless steel and pocket handle?  That is impressive.  This link really breaks it down for you.  Here is their product pitch HERE.

Next up - the Kohler two tone faucet.  I have been a loyal Kohler Designer for a long time.  I love the company, the people, the products - they are the real deal.  Kohler dual tone faucet faucet is beautifully made, had bells and whistles like the fancy sprayer and touch, but the two tone feature gives you so much flexibility with your design.  There are dual tone options out there, but having the Kohler quality is new level fabulous.

But wait, we need to discuss appliances.  And lord have mercy, you have got some serious eye candy and go-go gadget kinda appliance love happening this year.  First we will discuss the Monogram Pro RangeMonogram is a industry leader and really excelling in the luxury market for appliances.  But they upped their game.  Again.  I almost feel a little flush when I see the camera slowing following the lines of the range and then gives me a quick hint of that brass detail.  Oh my.  These appliances are a work of art.  Seriously.  Fun fact:  when you get one of these ranges - it can do just about anything you can think of for helping you cook BUT it continues to learn.  It gets updates and learns your habits and will become like your best friend who never gives you bad advice.  It just keeps getting better.

Next is Signature Kitchen Suites range.  This may be new to you, but we have had our eye on them and they are really creating a splash.  So, there is this whole other world of cooking I did not know about!  There is this fancy word "sous-vide" that I would never tried to pronounce.  Too intimidated.  Well the word is (SUU-VEE) and the result is DELICOUS.  Here is a link about how to sous vide cook.  Be brave, try it.  It isn't weird, or hard and you will feel fancy.  SKS Dual-Fuel Pro Range Product Review | SOUS-VIDE Magazine you have tried this you will want this range and you will wonder why it has taken so long to get this feature.  The fact that SKS has created a luxury (and I mean luxury)appliance that can cook sous vide, gas, AND induction all in one unit is Ah-ma-zing.  And it is like a little robot brain learns and changes with you as well.  It is actually revolutionary people.  And you will be blown away by their warranty and customer satisfaction standards

Architectural Digest discusses these as well here.  Just in case you don't believe all this good stuff from little ole' me.

Hopfully I am giving you seem food for thought here on the appliances.  See what I did there?

Got questions?  Want more information?  I could talk about this all day.  Please feel free to reach out, email me, use the contact form - I would love to be able to help.
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Design Bites 2021 KBIS