5 Mistakes to Avoid When Interior Designing Your Vacation Rental

If you’re looking to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for your vacation rental space, interior design is a great way to make it stand out. However, designing a space that appeals to potential guests can be challenging – from choosing the perfect furniture pieces and color schemes to planning the layout, there are plenty of decisions to consider! Not knowing where to start can certainly be overwhelming and may lead to wrong decisions you might regret later on!

To help you avoid any costly mistakes, we’ve put together this blog post about the top 5 mistakes people often make when managing an interior design project for their vacation rental. With easy tips and expert advice from experienced professionals who know what’s trending on the market today, let us guide you toward creating the best space possible!


Not considering the target audience 

As a vacation rental designer, one thing we can advise is to make sure your design appeals to your target market. On top of comfort and affordability, the aesthetic of your space will greatly matter. It’s no secret that the vacation rental industry has gained popularity in recent years, paving the way for vacation rental interior design to become increasingly important. Identifying customer preferences and knowing the trends of your local area will help make sure that you create designs that resonate with vacationers and increase occupancy rates for vacation rentals. 

For instance, you can research themes trending in the pop culture scene that seems to be popular among your target audience. Similarly, you can look into the minimalist basic interior which seems to be appealing to the majority of today’s market. 


Choosing the wrong color palette 

We wish we could say that you have the freedom to paint it all with the colors of the wind, but colors can be a tricky element to apply in the world of design. It takes choosing the perfect set of palettes to allow your space to create the perfect vibe you’re aiming for. When working with a vacation rental designer like us, chances are we will recommend you select a timeless color palette. Choosing colors that are both versatile and classic can help save on your budget when it comes to maintaining your rental vacation property. That way, you won’t have to change your color schemes frequently and spend a big chunk of money. You won’t go out of style with a timeless and versatile color palette. The most popular one would gear towards neutral shades like warm whites, pale blues, creams, greys, and sandy taupes.

This can make a major impact on how potential guests perceive their experience and can be easily achieved by leaning towards neutral shades like warm whites, pale blues, creams, greys, and sandy taupes. These colors are timeless choices that offer durability in style while allowing your vacation rental to remain competitive within its market.


Being too trendy 

While being trendy is a great way to capture the attention of the market, going overboard with trendy designs has a downside to watch out for – quickly becoming outdated. We recommend being careful applying trends because there are some that just won’t stand the test of time. When it comes to maintaining rental vacation properties, we should be aiming for the long term. Similar to choosing your color palettes, make sure to go for trends that are timeless and versatile. 



We get it – some accessories are just too hard to resist! From coffee tables to that must-have limited set of figurines to that silky drape for the windows – overloading your space with too many accessories can be an eye sore. While they may truly be aesthetically pleasing for the eyes, it’s important to pump the breaks and consider whether your chosen pieces are counterproductive and far too distracting from the genuine aspects of your rental space. 

When it comes to selecting your accessories, curate pieces that can add an aesthetic touch without competing with rooms’ other features and use them sparingly.


Forgetting about functionality 

This is another overlooked aspect in interior designing and accessorizing your vacation rental space. While curating your accessories, make sure that everything is functional and practical. For an exceptional vacation rental property, aesthetics and functionality need to come hand-in-hand. Make sure that materials are not clashing with each other. Your color palettes should reflect the comfort that vacationers would feel as soon as they step in. Taking the time to carefully plan for vacation rental interior design is key to creating a space that will capture people’s attention and keep them coming back!


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